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If you are looking for Norton customer service, you may already know about Norton. But it helps you to get an idea of how big they are and about their customer support service looks like. So let’s know more about Norton.

Norton Antivirus is an anti-malware or anti-virus software item. This antivirus has been distributed and developed by Symantec Corporation since 1991 as part of its Northern family of computer security products. It uses statistics and signatures to verify the virus. And other features are its filters and phishing email spam.

Symantec offers its products in three ways: as box copy, as OEM software, and as a download. Norton Internet Security and Norton Antivirus are similar items, In the half of 2017, Norton held a 61% share in the US retail market for security suites. Competitors, in the term of market share in this study, include antivirus products from Trend Micro, Kaspersky Lab, and CA. Norton Antivirus supports many operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Best Contact Number of Norton Customer Service

800 100 7601

It is the best contact number for your queries related to Norton. The expert team is always available for your service.

Why you choose Norton antivirus over other software?

Although you know better to protect your device from hackers yet your device is not secure with public Wi-Fi. Then it will be a better option to have the precaution instead of getting harm and then look a cure. You can choose Norton antivirus software that belongs to the category of anti-malware. You can contact the Norton customer service support team for resolving the antivirus software issues. There are several products of Norton.

List of Norton’s best products for comprehensive protection:

Here is some product list that can be used in your device according to your needs. Norton provides its services to over Millions of users. If you want to be one of them and free from fear of being hacked, you just need to do one call to Norton customer service support team. They will guide you to download, install, and activate the Norton product. Norton 360 software

1. Norton Family Premier

2. Norton Security Premium

3. Norton Security Standard

4. Norton Security Deluxe

5. Norton Internet Security

6. Norton Mobile Security

7. Norton Family Premier

Some glitches list that found with Norton

Yes, it is true but you don’t need to be surprised because this situation is the same as the two faces of a coin, and really there is nothing without pros and cons. But Norton Customer service support team will solve your issue very easily. Here are some glitches appear with Norton:

The updating error appears with Norton.This antivirus is not showing an accurate result.
The Norton 360 is scanning the computer too slowTrouble to install Norton antivirus software.
Not able to stop Norton to block my email addressNorton software configuration and set up the issue
Unable to find the Norton activation codeNot able to download Norton software
Encounter with Norton activation error.The antivirus product refuses to uninstall
Not able to refund the bill of Norton subscriptionUnable to activate the expired subscription of Norton 360
Norton activation key is lost how to recover it back?After the installation of this software, the device starts to run slowly.
Norton software upgrading issueHow to cancel the Norton license
The Norton antivirus software has a compatibility

Reason to choose Norton Customer service

If you think why should you contact the Norton Customer service support team, so I will explain to you the reason for that. However, if you are unable to fix the error of Norton antivirus then what will you do? Can you fix the technical errors by yourself? Definitely not! You are required to call the Nortan Customer service support team for the solutions. Here are some reasons for choosing Norton Customer service.

  • All the errors related to Norton will be fixed via remote access.
  • Errors will be fixed by skilled and certified techies.
  • Norton experts stay active for 365x24x7 means round the clock.
  • You will be provided ultra-user-friendly steps.
  • Norton Customer service helpline number is toll-free so you don’t need to worry about the telephone bills.
  • Norton’s trained experts will provide a quick response to your call.
  • All types of issues will be answered by the Norton techniques.
  • You will get the complete solution for Norton errors.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Norton scanner is working slowly, what is the procedure to fix it?

Norton antivirus has the features of scanning that enable you to search all viruses, malware, and threats. But you find that your system is running slow, you can follow the given steps one by one to troubleshoot.

  1. Uninstall your Norton antivirus software from your system (computer or laptop)
  2. Then download the Norton again.
  3. Now you need to install it once again.
  4. Finally, run Norton and check it is running well or not.

2. Norton antivirus is not installing in my laptop or PC, what can I do?

Here are simple steps for installing the Norton antivirus follow the steps if you are facing troubles.

  1. Download the setup file of the Norton application.
  2. Tap on the downloaded Norton setup file
  3. Run the setup and click on install now for installation.
  4. Now it’s time to set up your Norton account to get security.
  5. After setup your Norton account you can easily use Norton antivirus application.

3. My computer is working slow after installing the Norton, how can I resolve it?

Some users face this type of issue that their system (computer or laptop) starts to run slowly after the installation of Norton software. You can easily fix it by following these steps.

  1. If you are using more then one antivirus then please uninstall that.
  2. Now you have to uninstall the Norton antivirus completely.
  3. You have to reinstall the Norton antivirus.
  4. Now you can see your computer is working well.

4. How to stop the Norton to block the Internet connection?

If you wish to get access to your Internet even the antivirus is running, then you need to just follow the steps to stop Norton to block your Internet connection.

  1. Click on the icon of the Norton application.
  2. Now tap on “Setting”.
  3. Under the setting option, choose the firewall.
  4. Click on the firewall’s slider to turn off the Norton software.
  5. Finally, you can close the window.

Social Links of Norton

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Final Words

I hope your all queries related to Norton customer service has been solved if you have any type of questions or suggestion please let us know by commenting below. We will revert you as soon as possible. If you like this information please share it with your friends.

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